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True Believers Building Fund

Building Fund 2021-2024


True Believers Fellowship (TBF) is committed to the growth of the body of Christ.
We support our members compassionately through, prayer, practical biblical
theology and sound doctrine, and biblical wisdom. Our unique and specialized
goal is to restore and reclaim the family unit for God's holy and perfect will. We do
this by providing a welcoming atmosphere that includes, but is not limited to
Sunday worship service, Thursday night Bible study, the first Monday of the month
prayer, Family Bible Study, Becoming One Night, Fellowship Night, premarital
counseling, and discipleship training.

Our goal at TBF is to find a home building for us to do full time ministry effectively,
and in alignment with God’s Holy Bible. At TBF we desire to continue serving the
TBF body of Christ, and to continue extending our servitude beyond the doors of
TBF. This means TBF continues to serve the full person spiritually with the living
word of God, and naturally with food, clothing, and other resources and supports
that services the needs of humans and communities as Christ calls us to do.

For the year 2024 we are seeking a TBF home building that will service a capacity
of 250 persons. A home building this size will meet the needs of our TBF
community by providing rooms for Sunday school spaces, leadership offices,
kitchen space, fellowship hall space, outreach storehouse space, youth activity
space, and Pastor’s space. Each space will be intentionally designed to foster
spiritual growth with a keen focus on building up Christian families, ministry
leadership, and disciples in the homes, in the body of Christ (the church), in the
local communities, and globally.

To fulfill the TBF vision and goals, we need your prayers, your faithfulness, and
your financial support. TBF truly appreciates your labor and support in restoring
and reclaiming the families and communities for God’s purpose. Attached below is
a list of financial necessities that outline our needs to progress toward making the
TBF home building a reality.

To learn more about how you can be actively involved in planning and supporting
the TBF home building vision please speak to Pastor Shalom and/or Minister

True Believers Fellowship thanks you with all our hearts for your support and labor
of love.

Much love,

Pastor Shalom Reed
True Believers Fellowship

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